When Are Blueberries in Season – Guide ❤️

When Are Blueberries in Season

Blueberries, which can range in hue from blue to purple, are tiny, spherical berries. Originating in North America, they are now widely used as a flavoring in a wide range of culinary and beverage creations. The high levels of antioxidants, vitamin C, and dietary fiber in them have earned them a reputation as a superfood.

Peak season is often in the summer months of June through August, but they are available throughout the spring and summer. They are best when consumed within 12 months after being frozen, although they can be preserved for longer if airtight containers or freezer bags are used.

When Are Blueberries in Season

Table of Blueberry Season

Country Name Blueberry Season Month
Alabama mid-May till mid-August
Alaska mid-July till mid-September
Arizona June till mid-July
Arkansas June and July
California May till July
Colorado June till August
Connecticut July and August
Delaware mid-June till August
Florida April and May
Maine mid-July till October
Maryland June till August
Massachusetts June till September
Michigan mid-July till mid-September
Minnesota July and August
Mississippi mid-May till July
Missouri June till mid-October
Montana July till mid-August
Nebraska July till mid-August
Virginia June till August
Washington July till September
West Virginia July and August
Wisconsin July till mid-August
Wyoming July till mid-August
Georgia June till August
Hawaii April and May
Idaho August and September
Illinois June till September
Indiana mid-June till mid-September
Iowa mid-June till mid-August
Kansas July till mid-August
Kentucky July and August
Louisiana May and June
Oregon July till September
Pennsylvania mid-July till September
Rhode Island mid-July till October
South Carolina June and July
South Dakota July till mid-August
Tennessee June till August
Texas May till July
Utah June till August
Vermont July till October
Nevada August and September
New Hampshire mid-July till September
New Jersey mid-June till mid-August
New Mexico June till mid-July
New York mid-July till September
North Carolina mid-May till mid-July
North Dakota July and August
Ohio mid-June till mid-September
Oklahoma May till July

When is Blueberry Picking Season

However, depending on the area, the precise timing may change. For instance, by the Fourth of July, blueberries are often ripe and suitable for picking in New England. However, they might not be prepared until mid-to-late August on the West Coast.

More and more states in the United States and throughout the world are growing blueberries. Because there are so many diverse cultivars available, they are “hardy shrubs” and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and climates.

Blueberries, which thrive all throughout the United States, are harvested during the summer months. Depending on your state, the blueberry season lasts from March through September. The earliest harvest is in Florida and it starts in late March. The latest harvest is in Maine and Idaho and it ends in late September.

You may have fresh blueberries by planting a few different cultivars throughout the majority of the year because there are several distinct blueberry kinds with various harvest seasons.

When Are Blueberries in Season

The most well-liked types include:

  • Blueberries include Lowbush (Vaccinium angustifolium)
  • Rabbiteye (Vaccinium ashei)
  • Southern Highbush (Vaccinium corymbosum)
  • Northern Highbush (Vaccinium corymbosum)

There are two types of Blueberry bushes: lowbush and highbush. Native to North America, lowbush blueberries contain tiny berries that develop near the ground. Larger berries on higher bushes are characteristic of highbush blueberries, which were brought to North America from Europe.

There are three main kinds of blueberry bushes that produce berries at various periods throughout the year within these two groups: early season, mid-season, and late season. Early-season types often ripen in August, but late-season ones don’t till early July.

Call your local farm in advance to find out when their berries will be ripe and available for harvest if you intend to go blueberry picking there.

Blueberry bushes are generally simple to grow and are hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 9. Although they may withstand a variety of soils from sandy loam to clay, they prefer well-drained, acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.


What time of year are blueberries at their prime?

  • Highbush or traditional blueberries have their busiest time in the US from May through July. April marks the commencement of production, which lasts until September.

Can you always find blueberries?

  • In the US, supermarket stores now sell fresh blueberries all year round. South American blueberries are available year-round, whereas North American blueberries are only available from April through September.

When are blueberries ripe, exactly?

  • Blueberries that are ripe are plump, deep blue, and have a layer of grey on their surface. An unripe blueberry will likely be sour if it is hard or displays even the slightest trace of color. Blueberries that are white or green in hue are unripe; you may leave them on the bush or at the grocery store since they won’t ripen.

Are blueberries seasonal?

  • For optimal fruiting, blueberry plants require a minimum amount of cold hours by variety each winter. Hours that are chillier than 32°F but below 45°F are known as chill hours. A blueberry bush’s flower buds may not open at all or they may do so unevenly in the spring if it doesn’t receive enough cold hours in the winter.


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